TAACCL Art Auction 08


photos by Eddie Harper

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Small Works By Great Minds – November 8 – Clear Lake

It was another great event and evening at The Arts Alliance Center of Clear Lake (TAACCL). More than 100 pieces of art, donated by local artists, were displayed on the walls and tables at TAACCL; each piece up for auction. During this past week, visitors came by selecting their favorite pieces and placing bids.

Guests strolled through the rooms and halls as they enjoyed the food and spirits. A live auction, conducted by Wiredin’s Eddie Harper, put even more beautiful art pieces up for bid. Included in the selection was a beautiful amethyst and citrine necklace, contributed by Billings Jewelers.

Listen in as Dayna Steel, the emcee for the evening, Lisa Hamilton, executive director of TAACCL and Dee Gay tell Talk of the Bay about this fun evening.

For more information about The Arts Alliance Center of Clear Lake visit www.TAACCL.org

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IMG_5982.jpg IMG_5983.jpg IMG_5984.jpg IMG_5985.jpg
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IMG_5986.jpg IMG_5987.jpg IMG_5990.jpg IMG_5991.jpg
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IMG_5994.jpg IMG_5996.jpg IMG_5997.jpg IMG_5998.jpg
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IMG_6000.jpg IMG_6001.jpg IMG_6002.jpg IMG_6003.jpg
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IMG_6004.jpg IMG_6005.jpg IMG_6006.jpg IMG_6007.jpg
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IMG_6008.jpg IMG_6009.jpg IMG_6011.jpg IMG_6012.jpg
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IMG_6013.jpg IMG_6014.jpg IMG_6015.jpg IMG_6016.jpg
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IMG_6017.jpg IMG_6018.jpg IMG_6019.jpg IMG_6020.jpg
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IMG_6044.jpg IMG_6047.jpg IMG_6051.jpg IMG_6058.jpg
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IMG_6059.jpg IMG_6060.jpg IMG_6061.jpg IMG_6062.jpg
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