Texas Trail Riders Dinner and Dance 2 08


photography by Eddie Harper
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Trail Riders Parade and Dinner Dance February 26 – Clear Lake Area

It was a bit windy and a little nippy as the Texas Independence Trailriders made there way over the Gulf Freeway, on the Nasa Parkway overpass. These trail riders were coming in from Brazoria County and slowly making their way to the Johnson Space Center. Once there, they circled around the Gilruth Center and setup camp. Each year, it’s a sight to see, when trail riders setup camp under the shadow of the space vehicles at NASA.

Listen in as Gene Hollier, founder of this parade and some of the rodeo clowns from the Speakers Committee get us started for the day. Jeff Simpson, this year’s trail boss, tells Talk of the Bay a little bit about the Texas Independence Trailriders and a couple of long tall Texans join in on the fun. At the dinner dance, later that evening, there was some lively auction action between ‘Miss Bette’ and Marvis Carmichael. Enjoy the fun. gallery 1 photos

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