League City Village Fair 07

Mother of the Year 5/3/2007 
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Mother of the Year 2007 WENDY WILLIAMS

I want to nominate my mom, Wendy Williams, to be mother of the year 2007. I think my mom is the perfect mom, she is always there for my dad, my sister and me.

Mom is always there to help me with my school work, get me to places I need to be, and take me to the places I want to go.

My mom is very involved with my life. She never misses anything at school, can plan an awesome birthday party, and still has time to get us to church and 4 it.

Mom also takes an interest in my friends. She always wants to make sure they are involved. My friends are always included in the things we do.

My mom has works at her job, takes care of our cattle, does everything at our house, and still finds time to do for us. She always puts us first.



A Big Thank You, to all of the Mother of the Year Sponsors

Virginia Nisbet, M.D. ~  Dignity Memorial Bay Area Chapel ~ Phil’s Place Shrimp & Oyster ~ www.treygroup.com

Esteban’s Café and Cantina ~ Best Publications, LLP ~ JSC Federal Credit Union ~ South Shore Harbour

Regal Estates Retirement & Assisted Living Community ~ Susan P. Baker ~ Starbucks Coffee (Hwy 3 & Main Street)

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IMG_0799 IMG_0800 IMG_0803 Johnna Wendy Limo4429
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Johnna Wendy4426 a letter    
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