photos by Eddie, Paul, and Chiquita

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Texas Music Festival and Village Fair – League City

Friday night there were 3 bands lined up including Fran Cosmo, former lead singer for Boston, Saturday bands played for 12 hours with Kevin Fowler as the featured entertainer and Sunday the festival featured Christian bands and music. Yup, I’d say this certainly was THE Texas Music Festival.

Concurrent with the music, was a BBQ cook off with some of our favorite people competing and all very busy with their BBQ pits and Margarita machines; kids screaming on the carnival rides and families watching gravity defying circus acts.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we capture the sights and sounds of this fun filled weekend. Put this one on your calendar for next year, definitely a winner.

Many thanks to Christie Freeze for the wonderful music. Beautiful voice Christie!

IMG_1876 IMG_1877 IMG_1878 IMG_1879
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IMG_1880.jpg IMG_1881.jpg IMG_1885.jpg IMG_1886.jpg
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IMG_7646.jpg IMG_7647.jpg IMG_7649.jpg IMG_7650.jpg
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IMG_7653.jpg IMG_7654.jpg IMG_7655.jpg IMG_7656.jpg
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IMG_7660.jpg IMG_7661.jpg IMG_7662.jpg IMG_7663.jpg
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IMG_7664.jpg IMG_7665.jpg IMG_7667.jpg IMG_7668.jpg
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IMG_7669.jpg IMG_7670.jpg IMG_7671.jpg IMG_7672.jpg
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IMG_7673.jpg IMG_7674.jpg IMG_7675.jpg IMG_7676.jpg
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IMG_7750 IMG_7751 IMG_7752 IMG_7753
IMG_7750.jpg IMG_7751.jpg IMG_7752.jpg IMG_7753.jpg
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IMG_7759.jpg IMG_7760.jpg IMG_7763.jpg IMG_7766.jpg
IMG_7772 IMG_7773 IMG_7774 IMG_7777
IMG_7772.jpg IMG_7773.jpg IMG_7774.jpg IMG_7777.jpg
IMG_7778 IMG_7779 IMG_7780 IMG_7781
IMG_7778.jpg IMG_7779.jpg IMG_7780.jpg IMG_7781.jpg
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IMG_7791.jpg IMG_7793.jpg IMG_7794.jpg IMG_7797.jpg
IMG_7799 IMG_7801 IMG_7804 IMG_7805
IMG_7799.jpg IMG_7801.jpg IMG_7804.jpg IMG_7805.jpg
IMG_7806 IMG_7808 IMG_7809 IMG_7813
IMG_7806.jpg IMG_7808.jpg IMG_7809.jpg IMG_7813.jpg
IMG_7814 IMG_7815 IMG_7816 IMG_7817
IMG_7814.jpg IMG_7815.jpg IMG_7816.jpg IMG_7817.jpg
IMG_7818 IMG_7819 IMG_7820 IMG_7821
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IMG_7822 IMG_7824    
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