Voice of Elvis & Legends Texas Tour

photos by Eddie Harper & Chiquita

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March 12 – The New Voice of Elvis and Texas Legends Tour – Clear Lake

The New Voice of Elvis and Texas Legends Tour came to Clear Lake on Thursday, March 12. Jesse Aron, a tribute artist and headliner for the show, was great. You could ‘hear and see’ Elvis in Jesse’s voice, his facial expressions and body movements brought back memories of many years ago.

Jesse took the audience through the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s eras of Elvis from black jacket to the gorgeous red and white jumpsuit. As Jesse says, this wasn’t an outfit you’d find in just anyone’s closet. He also performed a wonderful tribute to Roy Orbison, which thrilled the female audience.

Joining Jesse, on stage, were Tarie Aron, local artists Wayne King and Elvis tribute artist, Ray Covey. Tarie, Jesse’s bride of one year, entertained the audience as Marilyn Monroe. Dripping in ‘diamonds’, from ears to fingers, Tarie, used her lovely voice to pay tribute to Connie Francis and her alter ego, Marilyn Monroe. Wayne King, from Katy, thoroughly entertained the audience with oldies from Bobby Darren, Buddy Holly and other 50’s artists. Wayne, and his amazing amount of energy, openly and playfully flirted with the females in the audience. LaPorte’s own Ray Covey, took center stage and performed his own rendition of Elvis. Nice job, Ray.

Listen in, as Jesse Aron, Tarie Aron, Wayne King, and Ray Covey, a collection of talented artists, pay tribute to their favorite performers on Talk of the Bay

For more information visit www.JesseAron.com


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