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October 6 - Wings Over Houston Media Day – Clear Lake

Capt. A.J. High a B25 pilot in the Aleutian Islands and Col. Joe McPhail, a member of the “Death Rattlers” a Marine Fighting squadron in 1945 are both WWII Veterans and heroes. Both are a part of the Wings Over Houston airshow coming up on October 31 and November 1.

The Wings Over Houston Airshow is a production of the Commemorative Air Force’s Gulf Coast Wing and West Houston Squadron with strong support from the Lone Star Flight Museum, in Galveston. A special treat, this year, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Wings will be the Blue Angels. Listen in as Capt. High and Col. McPhail tell Talk of the Bay a little bit about their careers and General Patton, strongly encourages everyone to attend this special silver anniversary of Wings Over Houston.

Eddie would like to thank Kenneth Hyman and Ed Vesely for the awesome flight in the vintage aircraft! By the way Patrick, I now know where you get your flying skills from, your Dad is awesome! some more info

Editor’s Note: Save $6 off the gate price. Use our code, WIREDIN when purchasing your Wings tickets. Record breaking crowds are expected; avoid the lines by purchasing your tickets in advance online.

Parking at Ellington Airport is limited so riding bus transportation is highly recommended. Bus shuttles will run from Bay Area Park and Ride (801 Bay Area Blvd) and Fuqua Park and Ride (11755 Sabo Road). Roundtrip fare is $4 for adults and $2 for kids 5 to 11.

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IMG_9245.jpg IMG_9246.jpg IMG_9247.jpg IMG_9248.jpg
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IMG_9249.jpg IMG_9250.jpg IMG_9251.jpg IMG_9252.jpg
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IMG_9261.jpg IMG_9262.jpg IMG_9263.jpg IMG_9264.jpg
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