Wine and Bluebonnets


photos by
Paul Fjelsta and Chiquita  

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April Weekend – Wine & Bluebonnets – Fredericksburg
by Chiquita

Things were quiet around the bay area so we decided to take a weekend trip to Fredericksburg via the bluebonnets and wineries.

We started off the early morning drive with a good ole country breakfast at Schobel’s. Everything you could think of that makes up a breakfast is served there; including Bloody Marys which my daughter, Tina and I decided to try. Yummy and spicy. Now that the SUV was gassed up and we had enjoyed our breakfast, we were officially on our way.

My son in law, Jim, was our tour guide and designated driver. This meant that the rest of us could sit back enjoy the ride and the wine. The first part of our trip took us over a road called the Devil’s Backbone where we did the ‘scenic point’ stops.

With Paul as our resident wine connoisseur; our first wine tasting was at a brand new tasting stop called the Pedernales Cellars. The family has been in the wine business for a while but just opened up their new tasting room which includes a wonderful deck out back, tables and chairs under large shade trees, a great view and yummy white wine. .

Next was Becker Vineyards – Winery and Tasting Room. They are located between Stonewall and Luckenbach and are noted for their award winning bordeaux and Rhone-styled wines. Live entertainment, a large picnic area and a B&B are available on the grounds. .

With smiles on our faces and a few giggles along the way, we continued our quest for white wines at Torre di Pietra Vineyards. Located about 10 miles outside of Fredericksburg, their outdoor patio area is nestled between the tasting room and the vineyards. A great place for listening and dancing to live music for information visit .

Definitely having a good time now, Grape Creek Vineyards was stop number four; nine miles east of Fredericksburg. The tasting room has an Italian flair; romantic and good red wines. There is also a B&B available. . We were looking for white wines but couldn’t resist a few reds too.

Stop #5, our last one, by now we’re feelin, pretty dang good and definitely enjoying the wines…all of them. Rancho Ponte, just down the road from Grape Creek, we didn’t really care how far away from Fredericksburg we were. This winery makes their wine based on family tradition that started in Italy, years ago, and now and migrated to Texas…and that’s a good thing. .

The wines were great and the tasting trip was great fun. Later, that evening we enjoyed a great German meal.

Sunday, we walked around Fredericksburg; a quaint little town full of that wonderful German influence. A lot of the shops are closed on Sunday or open in the afternoon; so plan you trip accordingly.

We headed back home, bringing back a little more than a case of wine. But first a quick stop in Luckenbach; we had to check out where Waylon and Willie and the boys hang out. It’s grown a little over the years but still boasts about a population of 3.

It’s spring and of course that meant bluebonnets along Hwy 290; our state flower is beautiful and is wonderfully aromatic. The Texian Ranch, was along our way and it was filled with bluebonnets. The owner, Mr. Jones, showed true Texas hospitality and allowed us and everyone else, to wonder around his land enjoying the flowers and the cattle. Enjoy the photos.

It was a quick but fun trip and having a designated driver was great. If you feel like a little get-away, try a trip to the Texas Wine Country. And by the way, if you don’t have your own designated driver there are ‘Limo & Wine’ companies in Fredericksburg that will be happy to take care of you.


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