photography by Eddie Harper
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YMCA Dedication 10/17/2007

Perry YMCA deducation in League City - Wednesday, October 17
What an exciting day for the city of League City and all of those folks who worked for more than 8 years, to get the Perry YMCA from an idea to reality.  Listen in on the excitement as Michael Vaughn, Shelley Rogers and Candace Rudy tell us about their thoughts on this 'Y'.  Listen to Talk of the Bay.
The Perry YMCA open on Saturday, October 20 at 8am.  Be sure to check it out, you'll love it.

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IMG_7565 IMG_7566 IMG_7567 IMG_7568
IMG_7565.jpg IMG_7566.jpg IMG_7567.jpg IMG_7568.jpg
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IMG_7569.jpg IMG_7570.jpg IMG_7571.jpg IMG_7572.jpg
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IMG_7586.jpg IMG_7587.jpg IMG_7588.jpg IMG_7589.jpg
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IMG_7591.jpg IMG_7592.jpg IMG_7593.jpg IMG_7594.jpg
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IMG_7595.jpg IMG_7596.jpg IMG_7597.jpg IMG_7598.jpg
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IMG_7599.jpg IMG_7600.jpg IMG_7601.jpg IMG_7602.jpg
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IMG_7603.jpg IMG_7604.jpg IMG_7605.jpg IMG_7606.jpg
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IMG_7607.jpg IMG_7608.jpg IMG_7610.jpg IMG_7612.jpg
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IMG_7613.jpg IMG_7614.jpg IMG_7615.jpg IMG_7617.jpg
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IMG_7618.jpg IMG_7619.jpg IMG_7620.jpg IMG_7622.jpg
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IMG_7624.jpg IMG_7626.jpg IMG_7627.jpg IMG_7628.jpg
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IMG_7629.jpg IMG_7631.jpg IMG_7632.jpg IMG_7633.jpg
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IMG_7634.jpg IMG_7636.jpg IMG_7637.jpg IMG_7638.jpg
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IMG_7639.jpg IMG_7641.jpg IMG_7642.jpg IMG_7644.jpg
IMG_7646 IMG_7648 IMG_7649 IMG_7650
IMG_7646.jpg IMG_7648.jpg IMG_7649.jpg IMG_7650.jpg
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IMG_7652.jpg IMG_7654.jpg IMG_7656.jpg IMG_7657.jpg
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IMG_7658.jpg IMG_7659.jpg IMG_7662.jpg IMG_7663.jpg