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TAACCL Celebrates 10 Years


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On May10th, 2007 The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake celebrated 10 years of “Bringing The Arts Together!”

The evening started promptly at 5:30pm with a red carpet greeting by Joan Rivers and the Paparazzi. Inside guest mixed and mingled with Tina Turner, Elvis and Batman. An eclectic mix of TAACCL Artist & Patrons and City Dignitaries from Kemah & Nassau Bay danced the night away to the music of The Major Tones Band featuring Mary Smith.

TAACCL turned ten and celebrated by offering a glittering and fun evening to the community. Sponsored in part by United Space Alliance, the event featured food by Lymberi Catering, cake donated by The Cake Lady, ice cream and balloons.

Emcee astronaut Joan Higginbotham started off with a tribute honoring visionary founder Kay Taylor Burnett. The Mayor of Nassau Bay, Don Matter spoke about the combined efforts of TAACCL and Nassau Bay that have impacted the cultural landscape of the Bay Area Community. Executive Director, Lisa Hamilton dedicated a gallery space to Carole and Ronald Krist. Joyce Abbey of S.A.I.C. honored Dustin King with Clear Lake Infiniti by making him an honorary member of TAACCL. The climax of the evening however was the public drawing of the winning ticket! Kimberly Nahas was the lucky winner of the G35 Infiniti. A good time was had by all.

The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake is located at 2000 NASA Parkway, at the corner of Upper Bay Road, in Nassau Bay.

For more information about the Center’s programs, educational outreach and gallery exhibitions, call 281.335.7777 or visit .

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